Atlanta Date Consultations and Planning: By Cee

Dating. Can’t live with it and you’d rather live without it. While some people are date gurus (me), others are walking date disasters. I once read about a young woman who realized she had been riding in a stolen car for the entirety of her date once the vehicle got pulled over. The car belonged to her date’s mother, which is not the worst case scenario, but still not an ideal situation.


Personally, I like to avoid mishaps - dates and otherwise - whenever possible. As a habitual over-planner and a hopeless romantic, this comes naturally to me. In early 2018, I found that it was my duty to use my skills to close the gap between those of us who have “it” and those of us who do not. I currently offer complimentary date consultations if you leave a review on my Facebook page. For now, my expertise lies mostly in Atlanta and surrounding areas, but one day I will expand to more areas.


Fill out a request here and someone will reach out to you within 24 hours to help you plan the perfect date! I will assist you with designing the perfect event for you and your Bae/Boo/Shawty/Homie.


Let me help you with:

  • First Dates

  • Anniversary Dates

  • Proposals

  • Friend Outings/Dates

  • Birthday Surprises

  • Solo Dates

  • And More!