5 Tips To Improve Your Instagram Business Page

An alternative title to this would have been, 5 Things That Grind My Gears About Your Business Instagram Page, but we’re staying positive in 2018. There are several faux-pas you can avoid in order to make your page pop. What are some things that bother you about the local businesses you follow?


  1. Separate Your Personal and Professional Accounts

    • Your kids are cute, but I do not want to see them on the same page as your product or service. An occasional shoutout to your support system is cool, but a daily pic of your snotty-nosed son is the opposite of cool.

  2. Stick to Content that Relates to the Goods You Offer

    • This is an important one. I’ve seen pages where one post says “Please buy my shirt #issamovement” and the next post is a washed out meme stating that “B*tches aint sh*t!!!” I’m no expert, but I think you might want to have the b!tches on your side as you start your entrepreneurial career.

  3. Spell Stuff Write!

    • Haha, get it? It’s irony. Seriously tho, look up confusing words and triple-check that you are using the right to/too/two. It is also important that you spell the name of landmarks correctly. Centennial Park is a popular Atlanta tourist spot and was home to many events during the 1996 Summer Olympics. Cintinio Park, as one aspiring visual artist on Instagram spells it, is non-existent.

  4. Location, Location, Location

    • If you primarily handle business through mail-orders, this tip may not be of use to you. For all others, pay attention. You need to let potential followers know where your business is located in your bio.Your bio is oft the first thing potential consumers see. State who you are and list an address. Easy.

  5. Answer Questions Publicly

    • Every now and then, a consumer may ask a question on your page about the goods or services you offer. A common thing I see is entrepreneurs who direct queries to their DM inbox. I am uncertain as to why people think answering questions in public is a cardinal sin, but failing to do so makes it impossible to relate to a larger audience. If someone has a personal concern, tend to it privately. If someone has a question that your entire customer base can benefit from (location of your business, hours of operation, and menu prices, for example), consider replying directly to their comment.