24K Magic: Goals Before 25

Cheers to 24! 23 was adventurous, rocky, trying, and full of life. In order to celebrate my birthday, I’ve compiled a list of things I want to work towards or accomplish before February 17, 2019. Join me on my journey, hold me accountable, and cheer me on as I embark on Year 24.


  1. Travel outside the country

  2. Learn to shoot and edit video

  3. Submit my art for a showcase

  4. Visit Georgia’s Grand Canyon

  5. Go camping in a tent

  6. Assemble group of foodies who are into Korean food (shouldn’t be too hard, right?)

  7. Learn to parallel park

  8. Go axe throwing

  9. Perform in a lip-sync battle

  10. Meet Issa Rae and tell her how much she means to me

  11. Continue practicing relentless self-love

  12. Get rid of unnecessary clothing, items, and other possessions

  13. Help my friends accomplish their passion projects

  14. Master the art of cooking octopus

  15. Dedicate time each week to discover new music/Stop listening to 2007 Pop Playlists on Youtube

  16. Find a career that brightens my day

  17. Make a memory quilt from t-shirts that don't fit anymore

  18. Turn my sketches and cartoons into a thing

  19. Organize a cabin trip in North Georgia for pals and gals

  20. Visit at least 5 new states (looking at you, Rhode Island)

  21. Attend critically-acclaimed comedic stage plays

  22. Become Atlanta’s most sought-after date consultant

  23. Continue to surround myself with positive people and positive challenges

  24. Be the most authentic version of myself and allow others to present themselves authentically around me