How To: Find Events in Your Area

  1. Facebook Events, A Super Handy Tool

    • Using the Events tab on FB allows you to search events by city, type (nightlife, food, sports, etc), and date. Just finished hot yoga in Little 5 Points and want to know if there’s a festival in town? Are you visiting Charlotte in 5 weeks and need to know to who’s performing Uptown? Done and done. Facebook is how I find out about holiday bar crawls and grilled cheese festivals!

  2. Flyers Are Your Friends

    • Some event promoters choose not to advertise online in any form and choose to function like we’re in ancient 1999. They will only hang flyers and posters in local coffee shops, pizza stands, and random power lines. If you want to find out about these underground events, you have to actively seek them out. Find a place that keeps community announcements in heavy rotation and you should be good to go!

  3. Follow Event Promo Groups Online

    • If you happen to find yourself at a really dope party in an abandoned warehouse, find out who the host is. Chances are that they will host more parties in the future. A lot of groups now exist to provide good vibes and a space to share art. Consistent support is the only way to keep something good around.

  4. Join Your Favorite Artist’s Fan Club

    • In addition to social media, most serious musicians have an email fan club where they share exclusive music, pictures, and content with loyal fans. They also sometimes share a chance to join them at secret events. Wondaland, home to Janelle Monae, Roman GianArthur, and Jidenna, recently hosted an EP launch party for St. Beauty Band.

  5. Talk to People

    • This tip may require you to step outside your comfort zone, but you may make a new friend. While in the kitchen of a house party or in the bathroom at Mammal Gallery, ask someone how they found out about (insert event here). They might mention any of the aforementioned tips, or they might say something else. Exchange numbers and perhaps invite them out in a few weeks.

    • Two more tips for the road: Download Bandsintown to track when your favorite artists are coming to a city near you and befriend artists (visual, musical, con) because they usually have the inside scoop on local moves.